Under normal circumstances, the games on the McGraw Hill Everday Math (EDM) platform should be playable and responsive when buttons and icons are touched on the iPad. However, it appears that the games do not work properly when played on Safari with an iPad due to recent changes to iPadOS settings. This appears to be an incompatibility between how the games have been created by McGraw Hill and the default settings in the latest versions of MacOS, which either McGraw Hill or Apple will have to resolve themselves.


When attempting to play a game in EDM using an iPad while this issue is active, the following symptoms occur:

  • Buttons and tappable icons are not responsive when tapped on.
  • The games are unable to be played normally as a result of the inability to interact with the interface.
  • The game will proceed and process taps intermittently only when you tap, minimize the Safari app, and then reopen it again.


The core issue is that the games are coded to use custom frame rates within web animations, which is an experimental feature that is disabled by default within Safari. 

Until the games are fixed or the iPad settings are updated to support them by default, the only solution available to us is to enable Safari's "Web Animations Custom Frame Rate" option.

Do note that this must be done manually on every student iPad that is affected by this issue. There is currently no way for this to be done remotely or automatically. But once the change is done, then the issue should be permanently resolved on that iPad.

1. Go into Settings app

2. Go to the Safari option on the left.

3. In the Safari options, click on "Advanced"

4. In the Advanced menu, click on "Experimental Features".

5. In Experimental Features, scroll down to the option for "Web Animations Custom Frame Rate", and Enable it.

6. Restart the Safari app and sign into the game again via Clever.

7. Finished!

If you need any assistance with this process, please put in a tech ticket to request technical support assistance.