The Petaluma City Schools Aeries Portal cannot be reached from outside of the United States without using a VPN (virtual private network) service that provides an IP (internet protocol) address from within the US.  Our firewall does not allow computers from outside of the US to access the PCS Aeries Portal.  

A VPN service acts like a go-between, with the ability to give your computer a US IP address even from outside of the US.  Most VPNs allow you to select which of their servers you would like to use as your visible public IP and most also have servers in multiple countries.  This permits them to offer you, for example, a French IP address from within the US, or, conversely, a US based IP address from outside the US.

Please note that these services will likely be unavailable on PCS issued iPads and Chromebooks but should functioin on staff laptops. Students will need to use a personal device to setup a VPN service to connect to Aeries from outside of the US.  

We cannot recommend and do not support any of the available VPN services.  If you require assistance with one of these, you will need to contact the relevant support site.

Some helpful sites that explain this idea are here and here