Self Service is the app that allows users of a PCS-issued iPad to easily search and install apps from our catalog of district-approved applications. Unfortunately, occasional glitches between the Self Service app and the iPad will cause apps from Self Service to not install properly; this is especially likely to occur with larger apps, such as Core 5 Lexia. This guide will help you identify and resolve issues that you may experience when attempting to install apps through Self Service.

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Identifying an Installation Issue

The usual process of installing an application through Self Service is quite simple: open the Self Service app, find the application you want to install, and press the, "Install" button. After a few minutes, the Loading icon changes to say, "Reinstall", and the requested app will appear on the home screen and begin downloading automatically. 

However, there are many examples where this process fails. Here are some of the most common symptoms you may see. If one of these descriptions matches the issue being experienced, follow the instructions in the accompanying, "Next Step" text:

  • You press the Install button, but the loading icon spins forever, never changing to, "Reinstall" and the app never appears on the home screen.
    • Next Step: Follow the instructions in the section, "iPad Preparation Steps"
  • You press the Install button, but it quickly reverts back to saying, "Install" without changing anything.
    • Next Step: Follow the instructions in the section, "iPad Preparation Steps"
  • The app begins to install from Self Service, but suddenly becomes greyed out. When you press the icon, it gives the message, "You need to connect to iTunes in order to install the application".
    • Next Step: Follow the instructions in the section, "iTunes Installation Error"
  • Some other set of symptoms that is preventing you from installing apps from Self Service.
    • Next Step: Follow the instructions in the section, "iPad Preparation Steps".

iPad Preparation Steps

Sometimes the core of the issue is something very simple on the iPad, such as poor network performance or not enough storage space. These are good preliminary steps to make, and will frequently resolve the simplest issues. Please follow these steps in order to ensure your iPad is ready to install new applications, attempting to install the app after each step:

  1. Do a full restart of your iPad by powering the device off and on again. 
    • Power off the iPad by pressing and holding down the power button for three seconds, and then swiping when prompted. Power the iPad back on by pressing the power button for another three seconds.
  2. Ensure that there is enough free storage on the iPad.
    • You can check how much storage the iPad has free in the Settings app. Go to the Settings App > iPad Storage menu in order to see how much space the iPad has used. We recommend that the iPad have at least 2.5 GB of free space in order to facilitate future installs and ensure good performance iPad.
    • If your iPad does not have sufficient storage, you can create storage by deleting unused apps and excess photos and videos. 
      • You can find and delete apps in the iPad Storage menu, selecting the app to delete, and then selecting the, "Delete App" option.
      • You can find and delete photos and videos in the, "Photos" app. In the app, tap the, "Select" button in the upper-right corner, tap all of the files you'd like to delete, and then click on the garbage can icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to delete the photo and video files.
  3. Ensure that the iPad is on a recent version of iOS. We encourage all devices to be on at least iOS version 12.0.0, with the latest supported version being 12.4.6 ideally being installed.
    • You can check the iPad's iOS version in the Settings app. Go to the Settings App > General > About menu, and you will find the iOS version in the, "Software Version" field.
    • If you need to update the iOS version, you can do so in the Settings app. Go to the Settings App > General > Software Update menu, and then tap on, "Download and Install". Do note that you may need to free up space on the iPad and/or keep it charged in order to initiate the update process.

In the event that these steps do not resolve the issue and you are still unable to install the app from Self Service, your next step will be to reach out to the PCS helpdesk for further assistance. You can reach us by following the instructions in this helpdesk article: Contacting PCS Helpdesk.

In addition to the information requested in the article, please also be sure to include the following information:

  • The name of the app you are attempting to install.

iTunes Installation Error Message

Is the app on the home screen greyed out? When you tap the icon for the Core 5 app, does it give an error message stating, "You need to connect to iTunes in order to install the app"? If so, this is an issue that we see on occasion when attempting to install large apps such as Lexia Core 5, Seesaw, and others. This issue does not actually require a connection to iTunes to resolve, but it does require a level of cooperation between the user and PCS support staff.

Here are the steps required to resolve this issue:

  1. Access the iPad.
  2. Uninstall the greyed out app from the iPad. 
    • You can do this by pressing and holding your finger on the app on the home screen for about 3 seconds, after which the icons on the screen should begin to shake.
  3. When the app icons on the home screen begin shaking, press the little X in the upper left hand corner of app's icon. 
  4. When prompted to delete the app, select, "Delete". The malfunctioning app will be deleted from the iPad.
  5. Once the app is deleted, please email the PCS support team by following the instructions in this article: Contacting the PCS Helpdesk. We will send the, "Update Inventory" command necessary to fix the iPad.
    • After the email is sent, please keep the iPad turned on and connected to wifi. We need the iPad to be kept online and connected to the internet in order to receive the Inventory Update command.
  6. Once the support team technician gets your email, they will send the Update Inventory command. 
  7. Once our system reports that the Update Inventory command has been received by the iPad, the support technician will email you back to have you try installing the app once again. Reattempt installation when asked to.
  8. If all goes well, the app should begin to install successfully this time without becoming greyed out.

Have More Questions? Need Further Assistance?

If you need to get in contact with the PCS Helpdesk team for further assistance with these matters, you may do so at any time by following the instructions here: Contacting the PCS Helpdesk.