Did you join a recurring meeting but only put your first name when you need your full name? Accidentally make a typo in your Zoom meeting name and now it appears in every meeting you join? This guide will show you how to change the name that you are identified by when you join a meeting.

Do note that Zoom meeting join names are determined per meeting room, so this process will have to be repeated for each meeting you that has the incorrect name.

Also note that the "Rename" function while in the meeting room is different from setting your meeting join name. Teachers should continue to prevent students from renaming themselves, and prevent users with inappropriate or incorrect names from joining their meetings. 

Students who join a meeting without the correct name should follow this guide to provide a correct name.

Changing Your Zoom Meeting Join Name:

  1. Sign into the meeting room for the meeting in which you have the incorrect name.
  2. Once in the meeting room, click on the information box In the upper-right hand side of the meeting menu. Some text information should appear, including "Meeting ID" and "Password". 
  3. Write down the Meeting ID and Password. We will need those later.
  4. Leave the meeting room and go to the Zoom app's main menu.
  5. In the Zoom app's main menu, click on the button, "Join Meeting".
  6. Input the Meeting ID for the meeting (grabbed in step 3), along with the corrected username. 
  7. Make sure the, "Remember Name" checkbox is checked, then click, "OK".
  8. Input the meeting's password (also grabbed in step 3), and join the meeting.
  9. You should now be able to join that meeting from now on with the corrected name.

Repeat as many times as necessary per meeting that needs to have a corrected name.

If you need further assistance, please place a tech ticket or email helpdesk@petk12.org.