Petaluma City Schools uses a CIPA compliant content filter to ensure internet safety for students.  While connected to the PCS network such as a school's wifi network, staff members will also be subject to this content filter. However, if you are on a PCS network, staff may authenticate through the filter to gain increased internet access.  

How to Authenticate and Bypass the Internet Filter

If you are connected to a PCS network, follow these instructions in order to authenticate yourself into the content filter in order to bypass its content restrictions.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the "Google" button
  3. Login with the G Suite account
  4. If you see the screen that says, "Logged In", you are now logged into the filter and should now be able to view any pages you need to.

What about External Networks (e.g. home networks)?

The content filter is only active on PCS networks, so things get more complicated when devices are connected to home networks. The rule of thumb is: student devices are always connected to PCS networks and thus always filtered,  staff devices are only filtered when on a PCS network.

Student devices are constantly proxying their network traffic through the PCS network so that they are unable to bypass the filter and view inappropriate content on their PCS-issued devices. So even if they are at home, their iPad is still being filtered by our content filter.

Staff devices are not proxying their network traffic through the PCS network, and are subject to he rules of whatever  network they are connected to. So when they are on a PCS network such as a school wifi network, they will have their network traffic content filtered. But if they are at home and thus separate from the PCS network, their network traffic is not being content filtered, and thus they should not have to authenticate and bypass the filter (it should already allow all traffic through).

Have More Questions? Need Further Assistance?

If you need to get in contact with the PCS Helpdesk team for further assistance with these matters, you may do so at any time by following the instructions here: Contacting the PCS Helpdesk.