Petaluma City Schools uses a CIPA compliant content filter to ensure internet safety for students.  While connected to the PCS network such as a school's wifi network, staff members will also be subject to this content filter. However, if you are on a PCS network, staff may authenticate through the filter to gain increased internet access.  

How to Authenticate into the Internet Filter

If you are connected to a PCS network, follow these instructions in order to authenticate yourself into the content filter in order to bypass some content restrictions.

  1. Navigate to PCS Internet Filter Login webpage
  2. Click the "Login to Network" button
  3. Click the "Sign in with Google" button
  4. Login with your G Suite account

What about External Networks (e.g. home networks)?

  • PCS student devices are subject to the content filter on or off the PCS network.  The content filter is deployed as a Chrome extension so the content filter will apply if a student logs into Chrome on their own device.
  • PCS staff are subject to the content offsite when logged in Chrome because the content filter is deployed as a Chrome extension.  

Have More Questions? Need Further Assistance?

If you need to get in contact with the PCS Helpdesk team for further assistance with these matters, you may do so at any time by following the instructions here: Contacting the PCS Helpdesk.